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Digitally Transform your Business with Confidence via a Quantified, Consistent and Real-Time Cyber Risk Metric.
Digitize Digital Trust.
We apply deep technology expertise to help companies redefine product value and modernize software from legacy to cloud-driven. Transform both internal and client-facing experiences to make your business agile, data-backed, and, eventually, more effective.
IT Solution Provider
We Value your Digital Trust
Risk: High
Make cyber risk an informed business decision with
Quantified real-time breach likelihood scores for each
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Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises

Cipherteck enables an organization to predict cyber breaches in their environment while contextually aggregating signals from existing cybersecurity products, external threat intelligence and business context. This data is fed into a supervised Machine Learning Bayesian Network-based breach likelihood prediction engine that gives scores, prioritized actionable insights, and the $ Value Risk the organization is facing.
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How does Cipher work?

point line 1 vector icon API feeds from your
cloud-native scanners &
cybersecurity tools
point line 2 vector icon We combine
industry’s best practices
on our developments
point line 3 vector icon We never employ
third parties to develop
our security solutions
point line 4 vector icon Existing cyber security
Policies & Regulatory
point line 5 vector icon Threat intel linking
threat quotient of a gap to
the likelihood of exploitation
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Delivering Modern
Delivering Trust
Security Measure
Is our top Priority
Integrate wide range of servers
all over the world
We provide network acceleration services that use the strongest and most secure cryptography encryption algorithm
circle vector icon Streaming Content from many countries
faded circle vector icon Stabilizing security on public Wi-Fi
concentric circle vector icon Avoiding ISP tracking
circle vector icon Accessing a new home network
concentric circle vector icon Establishing privacy from website information gathering
faded circle vector icon By Pass Geo-Block
circle vector icon Cloud Instance or Account
faded circle vector icon Data Center